You’re okay.

It has been challenging for me to write lately. Actually everything has been challenging for me lately. I have struggled with my nutrition and workouts. Usually, I can at least convince myself to go to the gym… not this week. I’ve been calling it my “mental break”. A few days ago I cried for about an hour before bedtime. I… Continue reading You’re okay.


Happy Monday!

Welcome to the first Monday of 2016!

Most people despise Mondays, I happen to like them. It gives me a fresh start and a new week of goals to meet. Speaking of goals: I am up 2 lbs this week which normally, I would be upset about, but if you knew how badly I ate the past 2 weeks you would see why I am actually pleased.

Yesterday I meal prepped according to a meal plan that was designed for me by one of my good friends who is a personal trainer. (If you have any questions about the meal plan I will gladly give you her info- she’s great). Meal prepping is so vital to weight loss and something that I fell off the wagon with because it “was too much work” or “takes too much time” when in reality it was very easy and quick to prep my husband and I’s meals for the next 3 days. It only took about an hour to cook what seems like 1000 oz of chicken, broccoli, sweet potato, brown rice, and steak. We have our lunches and dinners for all 3 days ready (eggs are quick enough to cook in the morning). This will take all thought out of making lunch and dinner and make it much easier to stay on track.

I also love that so many people have a New Years resolution to have a healthier lifestyle for two reasons:

1: You’re getting healthy! Who wouldn’t be proud of that?!                                      2: Active/Workout gear is on sale!

I love a good sale, especially when it’s things I usually convince myself I don’t need. This weekend I scored some super cute motivational tees that I’ve been wanting for a while. I am a hoarder of tee shirts so I really don’t need more, but I wanted some new cute workout gear that would have me feeling good in the gym. I also got brave and bought printed capri’s (again, something I would never usually get) and I surprisingly LOVE them. I can’t wait to wear them tonight. And last but not least, I got new running shoes. It is always harder me to part with my shoes, but my old ones were about a year old and started to hurt my feet during cardio.

I think it’s important to feel good about yourself while you’re working out. All too often many of us get intimidated at the gym, but here’s the thing: we’re all there for a reason. We may be striving to reach different goals, but we’re all there striving together. You should always be proud of whatever you are trying to accomplish while at the gym. Don’t compare yourself to others that are there, just encourage them! We’re all in this together after all.