Accountability · Britt

Time flies

….whether or not you’re having fun.

This week marks 7 MONTHS of me living by myself in my apartment. I have not stepped on the scale in the past two/three weeks, but the last time I did, the number I saw shocked me…in a bad way. Since moving to NC in 2016, I have managed to gain back ALL of the weight I lost in 2015 trying to better my health. Don’t get me wrong – I have definitely had my share of fun, too. I have explored so many restaurants, breweries, festivals, and new cities. But I also can work on making better choices.

I was sitting on my couch this evening, watching Netflix, and I thought “you know you can have the body and the life you have always wanted if you just put in the work”. That thought shook me. It is such a simple thing – put in the work, get the rewards.

I am really going to put in the work. I am going to practice more daily self care (for me, this includes exercise, reading, and nurturing my  relationships). I think something hit me today and I feel ready to make a more permanent change.

As I’m working, I plan to be more active here – so please feel free to reach out if you ever want some extra encouragement or support – OR comment on this post.


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