Be better.

I am here echoing the sentiments of my sister tonight.

After a few very touching conversations, and some truly not-so-nice internal thoughts about the current state of my body, I am ready to be better. This past year has brought about some pretty incredible personal changes for me.

  • I finally moved out on my own (and out of state)
  • I opened myself to alternative employment opportunities and have met some incredible people
  • I joined a new gym (and then found a different gym that I like even better)

My point is – I can be better. Tonight I signed up for the produce box – this pretty awesome service in my town where you can pay to have a box with enough produce for an entire WEEK delivered to your door, all from local farms, for about the cost of two dinners at a restaurant. I am so incredibly thankful for all of the love and support that I have on this journey, and for all of the people in my life that are willing to walk this path to health and fitness with me.

  • 20161231_161124.jpg
    Last day of 2016 was spent walking through Duke Gardens. I couldn’t resist snapping a picture of this beautiful baby flower. 

2 thoughts on “Be better.

  1. This is my first time on your blog, but not the last time. I think we all can do better, my goal everyday is to do better then yesterday… whether that is health wise, workout wise, or just being a better person…

    Don’t beat yourself up, but keep working to be better

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    1. Thank you so much for the words of encouragement! I have been working on doing the same. Good luck with your transition to a plant based diet, I will be following your journey to provide as much support as I can!

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