Nutritious AND delicious


These are cauliflower tots – they are nice and crispy and have just about the same texture as tater tots! I am in love. For 1/4 the calories and carbs, yes!
My dietician shared the recipe with me – from – I HIGHLY recommend that site – tons of great recipes, all with nutrition facts!

Speaking of diet – at the suggestion of my personal trainer, I started seeing a dietician a couple weeks ago and I have already lost 5-7 pounds. This is great for a few reasons:
-I had been exercising and eating mostly clean for a couple months and could not get the scale to budge
-I am working to cultivate a peaceful relationship with food (something I had not tried before and it is helping, so much)
-5 pounds is a lot. In the grand scheme of things, it may not seem like it, but for someone who was stuck at a certain weight for so long, it is HUGE

I am feeling really good about my progress in the gym AND the kitchen – happy Friday, everybody!


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