You’re okay.

It has been challenging for me to write lately. Actually everything has been challenging for me lately. I have struggled with my nutrition and workouts. Usually, I can at least convince myself to go to the gym… not this week. I’ve been calling it my “mental break”.

A few days ago I cried for about an hour before bedtime. I cried because I feel huge and I don’t want to do anything about it. I don’t want to eat broccoli. I want to eat pizza and burgers. I don’t want to workout. I want to be lazy and lay on the couch watching Netflix. I kept thinking “why cant I eat whatever I want and be skinny? It’s not fair”. Well, Katherine, because that’s not how life (or carbs) work.

I kept thinking about how hard I fought last year to lose those 45 pounds. Then I thought about how easy it was to gain it all back (and then some). I felt as if I had lost all of my fight. All of my desire. So I took a few days off, ate whatever I wanted and didn’t workout. How do I feel after my break? Fat and lazy. Seriously. I don’t like this feeling at all. Now it’s coming back to me. I’m remembering why I worked so hard and most of all, how I felt when I was healthier. I told myself “crying isn’t going to get you anywhere. It’s not going to melt the fat off of your body”. I was also reminded of what my little sister told me when I first decided to get healthy last year. We were looking up #fitness on Instagram and I said something along the lines of “I wish I looked like that”. Her response- “you can’t wish for that. You work for that.”

I read an article today that said we need to stop looking at Pinterest quotes and similar sources for motivation. The author claimed that we need to stop searching for motivation because if we don’t have motivation it’s okay, we just need to accept that we change when we want to change. I’m sorry but that’s bullshit. I love searching for outside motivation. It – wait for it – motivates me! Yes, we do change when we want to. But there is nothing wrong with getting help to reach your goals. I have been looking at a few Youtube videos and there are some really great ideas to help keep me on track. I rely on these outside sources for motivation because it reminds me why I’m doing this. This journey is extremely difficult and I don’t know about you but I could use all the help I can get.

Luckily, I have a great support system. My husband is willing to try new foods and meal prep ideas without hesitation. My sister is always a phone call away full of support and great advice. So if you don’t have that, reach out. It really helps. Maybe it’s family, Instagram fitfam, or us. My sister and I would love to help anyone who is feeling like they need a little motivation. you can email us at heyfitsisters@gmail.com or just comment on this post. Keep going, it is worth it.





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