Makin’ banana pancakes

Banana Pancakes I saw something about national pancake week and got a craving.  Instead of caving, I decided to try something I have been wanting to try for a while, pancakes made with just 2 ingredients, banana and eggs! It was super easy, quick, and delicious. After I played them, I sprinkled a little cinnamon… Continue reading Makin’ banana pancakes


You’re okay.

It has been challenging for me to write lately. Actually everything has been challenging for me lately. I have struggled with my nutrition and workouts. Usually, I can at least convince myself to go to the gym… not this week. I’ve been calling it my “mental break”. A few days ago I cried for about an hour before bedtime. I… Continue reading You’re okay.


If it doesn’t challenge you… If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. ^I have found that statement be true along my journey. I signed up to run a 5k this summer, which is not only a challene, but just about the farthest thing outside of my comfort zone! On the 7th, I completed day 2 of C25K… Continue reading If it doesn’t challenge you…